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TKTeam Lending- Gilbert, AZ

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If you’re searching for home financing assistance, you’re looking for a partner you can trust. But partner is a title that needs to be earned, not given. We hope to earn your trust, and become your loan partner – in fact we’d love to be your lender for life!

Our team, the TK Team led by Senior Loan Officer Tara Krieg, shares a common goal – to help you improve your financial situation with regard to your home/property needs. Whether you’re looking to get a better interest rate on an existing home loan (refinance), qualify for a first or your next mortgage, or finance an investment property, we’re here to help you move forward towards a better future.

We always put the best interest of our clients first. Our aim is to put you in a position where you have all the information you need, so you can make an informed decision about your loan/mortgage options.

Choose to work with us and you’ll find us to be a confident, committed team. We’re personable, realistic, and above all, professional. We’ll work hard to put you in a position where a positive result is not only realistic, but achievable and manageable in the long term. We want you to feel confident in your choice, so click below to get to know us all a little better.